New to the UCC Sports this year, the Capoeira Club brings together people that want to have fun learning a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of acrobatics, dance and music.

Practiced all over the world, Capoeira is a symbol of Brazilian culture, but also of resistance to the oppression. It was originally used as a survival tool for the unarmed slaves. This is a martial art like no other; disguised under play, music and dance is a fight that uses mainly power, speed, leverage and trickery to achieve quick and complex moves.

The UCC Capoeira Club is really a space to workout as light and playfully or as intensively as you want. It is a club that always has room for new beginners to train alongside the more skilled capoeiristas. Everyone benefits from each others’ different characteristics they bring to the “roda”, whether it be strength, flexibility, endurance, motivation, confidence, rhythm, …

Welcome some Brazilian culture into your life through the spirit, moves and music of Capoeira. You can also learn how to play an instrument, learn some Portuguese and make some new friends, all while keeping fit.